How to tie a fashion turban?

How to tie a fashion turban

How to tie a fashion turban is the next big thing in Indian fashion. Turban tying has always been an integral part of any kind of Indian culture and tradition, ever since the turban was introduced by the British in the 19th century. The turban is known to Indians as the patka or mendhi and it is tied around the forehead to protect the hair and to look elegant and stylish. Turban tying is not as easy as some people make it out to be and requires some amount of practice and expertise.

If you do not know how to tie a turban, do not worry, all you need is patience and ample time to learn this art of tying a turban. The first step in tying a turban is to decide on the style or type of turban you would like to wear. There are many different styles and patterns available in the market but if you are not very familiar with them yet, the easiest way to go about it is to purchase a ready-made turban from an online store or a special store that specializes in the sale of these types of attires. This will save you the trouble of searching for a matching pattern. Ready made turban is usually available at a much lower price and there is also no need to sew or cut the patka fabric on your own.

Once you have decided on the style or pattern of turban you wish to purchase, it is time to choose the correct knot for the job. Most modern turbans come already tied in a certain style, so you do not need to search for the right knot anymore. However, you should make sure that the knot you choose is very simple so that it does not end up being complicated later on. It is also important to choose a knot that matches the outfit you will be wearing with your turban. Once you have decided, all you need to do is take off the headgear and carefully untie the ends.

Then, you have to tie the two ends of the turban together so that they form a loop. The most popular way is by wrapping the yarn tightly around the handle. However, this knot is not mandatory. You can also choose any fancy style of knot that looks good on you. Once the two ends of the turban have been tied, pull the excess yarn through the loop you created.

Now, let us focus on the next step. You should now wrap your turban just like how you would wear it when you are going for a walk in the park. The loose ends should now be tied and secure. Once all the loose ends are tied, the turban should now be positioned to the top of your head.

For this final step, you should put the loose ends of your turban together to secure them. Remember that you need to make a knot at the center of your turban. Again, you need to pull the excess yarn through this knot and secure it with a stylish ribbon. The knot you create should resemble a mohawk. Once you have made your knot, put on your hair in the same way as you were tying the rest of your turban.

These four steps may look very easy, but they are not. If you are really serious about knowing how to tie a turban, there is also a step by step video lesson that can help you out. This will teach you all the tricks you have been missing out from your daily routine. It will also help you understand the different kinds of knots that are used for tying a turban. The video will also give you tips on how to wear your turban and how to maintain its beauty.

If you have been looking forward to tying a turban for quite sometime then you know how confusing it can be. Once you get used to tying a turban, you will notice that it comes out looking stylish and neat every time. You won’t have to worry about what style you are going to wear the next day because you know how to tie a fashion turban the right way.